Do you ever wonder what's REALLY happening with your scalp and hair during Chemotherapy?
Here you will find simple information to help you understand "why" you may lose your hair during chemotherapy, and what you can do to take care of yourself during the process!
Our program is presented twice monthly for patients at Cancer Care of WNC and Cancer Centers on NC Asheville. We are hoping to have the program more widely available soon, in cancer centers, on DVD and with a booklet to explain in more detail what the powerpoint version shows.
Remember the presentations below are a guide to the program and do not contain all the information which is presented in person. If you would like to help make this program available sooner please click here to make a donation to Beauty Through Cancer. You can designate in the comments area you would like your donation to
specifically fund Hair-Skin-Hope... Thank You.
Download Resource Guide Here...
We are continually updating our
guide adding more information!
Beauty Through Cancer does not give medical advice. Please refer to your medical team for specific information and questions concerning your unique treatment plan. There are dozens of cancer treatment drugs and alternative treatments and yours is specifically designed to fight your cancer.
Click here for a slideshow of our presentation in PowerPoint.
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Click below for Adobe PDF of the presentation:
Hair-Skin-Hope PDF.pdf (PDF — 4 MB)
Supporting documents and resources to come!