Beauty Through Cancer - ABOUT US
Beauty Through cancer works directly with cancer patients, family, caregivers, and survivors; both in our office, and through our network of cancer treatment centers, salons, and spas to help women with wigs, skin care and makeup tips.
We educate women not only on what is happening to their body, but why.
We do not give medical advice.
We focus on helping women through the hard realities of cancer treatment and how it effects how they perceive themselves.
We help them face the world each day with renewed confidence, strength, and hope!
We offer a very unique service to restore and complete breast reconstruction through areola pigmentation. This is a specialized tattoo procedure. We take referrals from surgeons and physicians here in Western North Carolina, all over the United States, and consult with women around the world.
In 2009 we helped more than 100 women from 10 states and Canada to feel more complete after breast reconstruction surgery.
Through the reach of the internet, our services are reaching more and more women each day!
Our office is located in a centrally located medical office complex at
131 McDowell St, near Mission Hospital and many physicians and cancer centers.
 Transparancy is very important at Beauty Through Cancer so feel free to ask as many questions as you feel are necessary.
Our Board of Directors page lists the occupations and contact information for our board should you have any questions.
If you are interested in volunteering or financially supporting our organization we make it convenient here on our website to gather information. Feel free to call the office, or email,  for an appointment to tour our facility or to have a private meeting with Ms Bennett,
Founder and President of Beauty Through Cancer.
 Beauty Through Cancer is a charitable 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization.
The original artwork above by Jennifer Buchanan.