Beauty Through Cancer - Helpful Chemo Tips
Beauty Through Cancer's Hints and Helpful Tips from actual chemo patients
and cancer survivors:
This can be very helpful for caregivers!
These are tips sent in through email and on our website from people who have been through chemo and want to help everyone with what they learned through the journey! If you would like to send in your helpful tips email
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One of the things that helped me was for someone to bring me a cooked meal. It saved me from cooking and cleaning.
Darlene M.
It helped me when someone went with me to the treatments!
Jean C.
Sleep away the bad days and enjoy the good days!  ...take your favorite book, blanket, and pillow if the treatment days are long. Enjoy the care you receive and bask in the love from family and friends.
Pat S.
I found a lot of support on There are threads where a lot of supportive women discuss everything and I personally think the chemo ones are wonderful, You can ask ladies that have already been through what you are getting ready to go through _ they are wonderfully supportive _ give you strength when you need it the most!
Joyce D.
Always, always bring your own favorite blankie to chemo, and wear warm fuzzy fleecy socks ... i started loving chocolate and always had a fancy chocolate bar in my tote bag, along with a bottle of water with squeezed lemon, ginger candies to suck on, my iPod filled with gorgeous music, and my Kindle reader (a cherished gift from my parents) with a variety of books loaded depending on my mood ...
Marnie F.
I had my favorite blanket/throw, dvd player and magazines. And for some reason the only food that seemed to stay with me where sausage biscuits _ hot dogs....but only from Celebrity Hot Dogs, must be the love from the Pressley family:)
Arleen H.
I am a cancer survivor, didn't have chemo but my mom did and she tells anyone getting ready to go down the chemo road to eat a little something every two hours to help with the nausea. Even if it is nothing more than a cup of fruit, jello, or pudding, a pack of crackers, cup of soup/broth.
Sheila S.
Just a little from me, helping my friend Leslie, we have found that she does better and seems to feel better when she has treatment in the early afternoon. And the Pedialyte Freezer Pops(or off brand like CVS) seem to help her in the days following... treatment.
Cheryl S
I always took 4 things with me:
    1)    a big tote bag with my fuzzy socks/slippers, my pillow and snuggly blankie (I used one of those compression travel bags - the kind you roll up to get rid of the air that does not need a vacuum - to make the pillow _ blanket real compact _ easy to slide into the bag)
    2)    a pre-loaded backpack with magazines, MP3 player _ headphones, glasses case (So I could take them off and rest), saltine crackers, animal crackers, ginger candies, lollipops, gloves (my hands got cold after the 1st bag of fluid), and my spiral notebook that I journaled in throughout the process.  Glitter gel pens just for fun to keep my spirits up, and a little notebook for thoughts unrelated to treatment - little "to do's" once it was over, etc.  My backpack had buttons all over it - pink ribbons, "my oncologist is my homegirl", "act weird and let them wonder", "I am loved", etc. - all reminders to my cancer team that I am not a number or just another patient, but a human of value (so treat me accordingly!)
   3)    my sipper water bottle with "CANCER SUCKS" on it - I drank 5 of those bottles per throughout chemo to flush the fluids and prevent kidney/liver damage (per my physician).
    4)    a loved one to keep me company, drive me to and from, and carry one of my bags. 
~ Lorri J.