Beauty Through Cancer - WIGS
Free Wigs with our
"Give and Take" Program
Wigs,hats, scarves  and jewelry are a beauty basic for women undergoing cancer treatments. Every woman deserves a beautiful wig to help her feel more like herself at such a difficult time. Our Give and Take Program offers women “in treatment” these products at no cost. Confidentiality is very important to us and we strive to make each woman’s experience picking out her wig and accessories a fun and uplifting experience. You may need to take your wig to a stylist to have it cut or sized.
*Appointments are necessary and numbers of items are limited per person.
There may not always be someone available to help you during regular business hours but you are welcome to come in and look around and see what we have that can help you!
If you would like to donate items for this program please call our office or drop items by during business hours.
Wig Care
Any wig, whether synthetic or human hair can be cut by an experienced hairstylist.
Synthetic Wigs:
Taking care of your wig properly at home will keep it looking new and fresh and make it last longer.There is no need to purchase special shampoo or conditioner for synthetic wigs. The products you need can be purchased at your local market or drug store.
If you have purchased products especially for wigs just follow the directions on the bottle.
To clean your wig at home, fill a small tub or your sink with a couple of gallons of lukewarm water and add a capful of shampoo, Woolite, or baking soda to the water. Mix well with your hand and then dip the wig completely in the water a swish around several times for approx one minute. Do not rub or wring the wig.  Drain the water, and rinse the wig well in clear cold water.
To condition, fill the sink again and add one capful of traditional conditioner or fabric softener such as Downy to the water, mix well and dip the wig in the rinse water. Rinse well again with clean cold water.
This is all you need to do to keep your wig clean.Shake wig lightly to remove excess water, you may blot your wig with a towel but do not rub the wig very hard. Place the wig on a wire wig stand, or a tall slender container such as a hairspray can or hang on a clothes hanger overnight to dry.
You can hang the wig by one of the bands in the neckline area over the hook of the clothes hanger and let dry overnight. Synthetic wigs will  go right back into the style they were designed to be.
Do not dry wigs on foam headstands as it may stretch them out of size.After wig is dry, fluff with fingers or style with pick or wide tooth comb. Wig hairspray can be used lightly as well as gels to hold the style.
If you use styling products on your wig, it will need to be washed more often to avoid buildup. Do NOT backcomb or tease synthetic wigs as it will damage the fibers.
With proper care, your wig may last the entire span of your chemotherapy treatments. Synthetic wigs can dry out, fibers my frizz or break, and become dull over time. If your treatments are going to cause hair loss for extended periods of time you may need more than one wig to get you through.
Human Hair Wigs:
Human Hair Wigs can be washed and conditioned with traditional hair care products. They need to be styled after washing. They can be blow dried, curled and straightened just as your natural hair.The upkeep of human hair wigs along with the cost makes it a less desirable choice for cancer patients.
Wearing your wig to look natural...
Many people try to find a wig that looks as much like their hair, before hair loss begins.
It is helpful to visit a wig bank or wig store before your chemo starts to make finding a wig that closely matches your style and color easier. You may want to try a completely different color, or try a different style. A qualified Hairstylist can cut a wig to make it closer to your style. Most wigs come with bangs a little longer just for this reason, so if your wig choice is not quite right, a stlist can help! 
 Choosing a wig that makes "you" feel comfortable is what matters. many people want to make it easier on everyone else by looking as much like themselves as possible. It is a personal decision, bring some friends, get opinions if you wish, and if you do not find something right away, do not "settle". This will be a large part of how you feel about yourself during your chemotherapy treatment.... You may also choose to wear scarves, head wraps, turbans and hats during this time.
It is helpful to have choices, as you may not feel like wearing your wig every day.
Beauty Through Cancer Relies on the generosity of the public to fund and fill our Give & Take wig room. If you would like to donate a wig, please call the front desk (828) 252-8558, or come by the office. You will be given a receipt for tax purposes. Thank You!